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Lu Garret wore number 5

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Q: What MLB player wore number 5?
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What Buffalo Bills Player wore number 5?

Trent edwards

Which MLB player wears number 5?

Albert puolis Joe DiMaggio

What famous baseball player wore number 5?

Nomar Garciaparra. Is that who you were looking for?

Which Duke Basketball player wore number 6?

No Duke basketball player ever wore the number 6 in college. The NCAA only allows numbers 0-5 to be used for jersey numbers.

Players who wore football jersey number 5 for the university of Miami?

Hurricane players who wore number 5

Who wore number 5 at Chelsea FC?

Michael Essien wore number 5 at Chelsea FC. He is a midfielder footballer.

Who wore jersey number 5 for USC Trojans football?

According to the official site of USC Trojan Athletics, there is no football player that wears the jersey number 5.

Who was number 5 for Notre Dame in 2010?

Assuming you're asking about the football team, two players wore #5 in 2010: Armando Allen (RB) on offense, and Manti Te'o (MLB) on defense.

What baseball player named lee wore number 11?

In MLB ... 1) Pitcher Bill Lee wore #11 for the Chicago Cubs from 1937-1942. 2) Infielder Lee Bales wore #11 for the Atlanta Braves in 1966. 3) Pitcher Lee Howard wore #11 for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1946. 4) Outfielder Lee Mazzilli wore #11 for the Pittsburgh Pirates in 1983 and 1984. 5) First baseman/outfielder Lee Stephens wore #11 for the Texas Rangers from 1996-1998.

How many ways can a MLB player get to first base?


Which University of Michigan men's basketball player wore jersey number 5?

Jalen Rose was one of them -- I'm sure there were others

What packer wore number 5?

Paul Hornung

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