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ok, the reasons are :

to stay fit and healthy for the the benefit of your bod

to be flexible and have a brighter mind , which works faster, and unstressfully from the good blood flow you received form whichever sport you did. :)

uh, reseearch had shown that it helps people to be less stressful, more cheerful and by doing it it helps you to lose jobs less often.

it helps to make your body well and healthy toned and stuff.

it makes you feel MUCH MUCH less forced and more relaxed and happy

delta goodrem's fan. sally....hahahahahhahahhahah


First of all sports, main motto is to develop the equality of status and opportunity.Im not saying ,in the sense of caste in-variance,every one are equal.

[No one heard this sort of selection in any kind of sports or games.......

OBC=4 persons



general=5 ,,,,etc..... ]lol

"POwer of sports or games is equality only"

First is GLOBALISED equality and then only individual fitness ,etc,..

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To have fun! Besides the classic sense of the Olympic Motto: Citius, Altius, Fortius, or Higher, Faster, Stronger, modern sport is becoming desperately important for everyone trapped behind a keyboard. Get going, get outside and get healthy.

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Most people would tell you it's having fun and doing your best (THAT"S A LIE!) it is really to just WIN!

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The purpose of sports is to get healthy and to lose weight.

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what are your objectives in having a sports

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Money and exercise

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Q: What is the nature and purpose of sport?
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