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The "disabled Olympics" is officialy called the Paralympics

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Q: What is the name of disable Olympics?
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Can disable people play in the Olympics?


What are Olympics and Paralympics?

paralympics is were people that are disable get to play and olympic is just for normal people

Why the name Olympics came for Olympics?

the first olympics occured in olympia

Name 1 person from the Olympics who does gymnastics?

name 1 person from the Olympics who does gymnastics

Where was the Ancient Greece Olympics held?

Olympia, hence the name 'Olympics'

Where exactly were the Olympics held in ancient Olympics?

Hi what is ur name

The official name of the 2008 Olympics are?

Thye offiial name of the Beijing Olympics are XXIX Olympiad.(29) Go Aussie Thye offiial name of the Beijing Olympics are XXIX Olympiad.(29) Go Aussie

The joint name of the 5 official mascots of the 2008 Olympics?

The joint name of 5 mascots of Olympics 2008 is fuwa

How delete tabs?

You will be making changes to the Registry. It is recommended that you create a backup from your registry or system restore before following these steps: # Run registry editor by typing in regedit in the Run box from the start menu. # Find the following address: HKEY-CURRENT-USER \ Software \ Microsoft \ Windows \ CurrentVersion \ Policies \ System # Create a new DWORD with the value of 1 and:a.) to disable ScreenSaver tab name it NoDispScrSavPageb.) to disable Desktop tab name it NoDispBackgroundPagec.) to disable Themes tab name it NoThemesTabd.) to disable Setting tab name it NoDispSettingsPagee.) to dsable Appearance and Themes tabs name it NoDispAppearancef.) to disable Display Properties name it NoDispCpl

Why were the game orinally called the Olympics games?

mount olympus gave the olympics its name

What is a name of a girl who figure skated in the 2008 winter Olympics?

There was no winter Olympics in 2008.

Name for sport event?

The Olympics