Why the name Olympics came for Olympics?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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the first Olympics occured in olympia

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Q: Why the name Olympics came for Olympics?
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Who came up with the name Olympics?

I think it was the ioc people

Who came up with the original name Olympics?

The Modern Olympics (starting in 1859) were in Greece in a city called Olympia. I suppose Olympia is where they got the word Olympics from.

What man came up with the idea for the modern Olympics?

who came up with the ancient olympics

What is the full name of the person who invented salchow?

Ulrich Salchow invented the Salchow jump in figure skating, he came first in 1908 in the London olympics. he came from sweden. from the on, it beared his name.

Name of a famous Australian horse rider?

Andrew Hoy came 13th in the london 2012 olympics

In the Olympics what did rudi hashash come in the Olympics?

Rudi Hashash Came in 9th Place in the Olympics 2008!!! that is a great

Eminem winning second place at the rap Olympics?

Yes, Eminem came in 2nd place at the rap Olympics J.U.I.C.E. came in first

Who came up the Olympics?

Probably the Greeks.

Did they have the same events in ancient Olympics?

Most of the events from the Modern Olympics originally came from the Ancient Olympics but many more events have been added to the Modern Olympics...

Who came up with the idea of the ancient Olympics?

the greeks

Where did japan come in the 2008 olympics?

They came 8th

Who came up with the summer Olympics?

ancient greece