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Men's 100m Final

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Q: What is the most popular olympic sport in terms of viewing and attendance figures?
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What are the attendance and viewing figures for the most popular international sporting events?

The most popular sporting event is the NASCAR Championships, I will get back soon with the figures. Answered by Sachin2208

What is Scotland's most watched sport in terms of viewing and attendance figures?


When will the Doctor Who series end?

Whenever the viewing figures drop too low and it's no longer popular.

What is the current viewing figures for the big bang theory?

The season 6 and season 7 viewing figures are nearly 20 million in US.

What is Ireland most popular telivision shows?

The Late Late Show gets the largest regular viewing figures. News programmes and sports programmes get big audiences. Soaps get large amounts of viewing, with Fair City being the most popular one.

What are the viewing figures for channel 4 Paralympics?


What are Russian popular sports?

If we base popularity via participation figures and viewing levels, popularity is as follows: Football Ice Hockey Basketball Tennis Weightlifting Skiing/Snowboarding etc

What are the average viewing figures for ER?

The average viewing figures for ER ranged over its fifteen seasons. At its lowest points it averaged nine million viewers and at its highest averaged twenty-five million viewers

Will there be a benidorm series 6?

Yeah, viewing figures good great reviews!!

What is finlands most popular sport?

Pesäpallo (a fast moving bat and ball sport) is the national sport of Finland. In terms of attendance and television viewing, the popular sports in Finland are ice hockey, Formula One racing, and harness racing. Popular recreational sports include Floorball, running, skiing, and nordic walking.

DIY Olympic Viewing Party?

Invite the gang over for an Olympic viewing party. The Olympics offer a fun opportunity to throw a budget-friendly get together. From the pageantry of the opening ceremonies to the daily competitions, there is something for everyone.Listed are a few suggestions for a cheap, fun Olympic viewing party.RefreshmentsOffer popular bar appetizers like hot wings, nachos, and tapas or create a buffet of food served in the Olympic host country. A variety of sausage, potatoes, and beer are typical bar food fare in England. For a brunch viewing party offer scones, clotted cream, and a variety of English tea.EntertainmentIn addition to watching the competition, give guest scorecards and a list of competitors. Award toy medals to the guest who’s scores are closest to the scores given by the Olympic judges. Assign one guest to keep score of the medals won by your favorite athletes and teams.Create your own mini Olympic games: pie eating contest, coin toss, table tennis, trivia questions, and a Olympic-themed scrabble game.DecorateUse the colors and symbolism from the Olympic torch and rings to decorate your space. Decorate the viewing area with balloons and streamer in the colors of the Olympic rings. Buy gold or silver paper plates and plastic ware. Make a centerpiece with miniature plastic flags from your host country.

The British version of Got Talent increased by what percentage when Susan Boyle appeared?

The viewing figures almost doubled.