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Q: What is Scotland's most watched sport in terms of viewing and attendance figures?
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What are the largest ever viewing figures UK?

The answer, believe it or not was for the last ever episode of Eldorado, the short running BBC soap opera in the 90's. This was watched by 45 million viewers in the UK.

How much people watched the champions league final?

The attendance at Wembley was 87,876.

What is the highest attendance to come to the World Cup?

It was in Brazil 1950 1,67000 plus watched the world cup.

What are Australia's most watched sports?

The following figures are for Aystralia's most watched sports by attendance at games. Figures are not available for television's most watched sports.Australian Rules football (AFL), with an attendance rate of 16%Horse-racing (13%)Rugby league (9%)Motor sports (9%)Cricket (5%)Rugby Union (4%)Soccer (4%)Harness racingDog racingBasketball (2%)Tennis (2%)Netball (1%)Most of the above sports were usually attended by people who watched a single game over a one-year period; this included attendees at dog racing, harness racing, horse racing, motor sports and tennis. By contrast, those who attended netball, Australian Rules football, basketball and soccer attended more than one game.

How many people watched the final episode of everybody loves Raymond?

In the United States, the final episode of Everybody Loves Raymond aired on May 16, 2005. It was watched by 32.94 million viewers, and had a 29% viewer share at the time of its viewing.

Where can one watch movies online for free?

Movies can be watched online for free at and also provide viewing of some television shows for free.

Most watched tv shows of all time?

I think "Gunsmoke" was on the air the longest. The last episode of "MASH" had the largest viewing audience for any single episode.

What is the most watched race?

that would be the Australian horse race known as the Melbourne Cup ( the race that stops a nation) Estimated viewing audience world-wide is over 100,000,000 people

How many people will watch the world cup final 2010?

As it is the most popular watched game , just for a few figures for you. In the 2006 world cup 2.2 billion people watched the world cup, but in 2010 it is 3 billion people world wide.

What is the most watched grand slam?

According to worldwide television ratings, the US Open has been the most watched Grand Slam for the last 11 years. Additionally, it has the most fans in attendance and the largest press following of any tennis tournament. Wimbledon is however the most popular tournament in Europe and the oldest.

Was the first Super Bowl the only Super Bowl to not sell out?

Yes, there were only 61,946 in attendance at the 94,000-seat L.A. Coliseum watched the Green Bay Packers beat the Chiefs 35-10.

How do you check the answers to your questions on WikiAnswers?

if you watch the question wiki answers sends you an email which gives you the link to your questions so you can see the answer You also have your Watchlist which not only records your actions but records for your viewing ability, what others are doing with your questions. Such as someone entering an answer to your watched question or editing one of your watched questions.

Who is BBC's biggest competitor?

The BBC is minuscule compared to sky, overall, sky have a massive viewing audience in total over the BBC even though BBC has the most watched programme, "Easterners".

Are there any Filipino Movies that it is possible to watch on the computer?

There are many Filipino movies that can be watched from a computer. Websites such as Watch Filipino Movies will allow one to download or stream these movies for viewing on a computer.

How many people watched the Roman chariot races?

We don't have a one, two, three head count of the attendance at chariot races, but it is said that the Circus Maximus, at one point could seat 250,000 people.

How can News Limited be watched on the internet?

News Limited is a news media company in Australasia, and as such, the news content is not available for viewing in the U.S.. It's possible that some news be watchable on YouTube or similar websites.

How many fans were at the Super Bowl 2008?

Attendance 71,101 The telecast was the most-watched Super Bowl of all time, with an average of 97.5 million viewers in the United States and 148.3 million total viewers watched some part of the game. The broadcast achieved its highest Nielsen ratings (43.3) for the game since Super Bowl XXXIV. It was also the second most-watched TV program of all time in the United States.

What do jem and scout realize about the carved soap figures they found in the tree?

The carved soap figures and other items were gifts from Bo. Though they believed they should fear Bo, actually Bo was trying to be a protective friend. Bo watched over them, including in the woods when they were attacked.

What is the biggest crowd at a Scottish cup final?

The record cup final attendance was in 1937 when 147,365 spectators, a world record for a club match at that time, saw Celtic beat Aberdeen 2-1. The largest attendance for a final and replay was in 1948 when 129,176 watched the first match between Rangers and Morton and 131,975 the replay on the Wednesday. Rangers won by a solitary goal.

How many people watched cliff and the shadows at MEN arena in Manchester?

The British pop music group Cliff and The Shadows made their final tour in 2009. One of their stops was in Manchester. The show was sold out, with 29,438 people in attendance.

How many viewers watched Heroes?

Roughly 34 million unique viewers watched the series over the first ten days of its release, according to measurement company Nielsen. This number does not include viewers outside of the United States, and it doesn't include viewing that happened exclusively on mobile, tablet or laptops. The series debuted on March 20.

Where can one view boxing videos online?

There are many online sites for viewing boxing videos. Some of these are YouTube, BoxingScene, HBO and SoSoBoxing. Boxing videos can be watched on television through services such as On Demand or can even be purchased at stores such as Target, Best Buy and Walmart. The many fans of boxing have a great variety of choices for viewing favorite boxing matches.

How do you spell watched?

Watched is correct.

Viewing of 2007 Super Bowl?

Nielsen ratings for the 2007 Super Bowl were 42.6. An estimated 93 million viewers watched the game in the US. The game was broadcast to over 200 countries and territories around the world.

What in john Adams life prior to 1770 showed that he was a patriot?

John Adams attendance through an entire trial showed that he was a Patriots prior to 1770. He watched John Otis defeat the opposing lawyers. The colonists won their fight against a writ that was to become law. John Adams watched and listened to the entire trial, and at the end, he felt ready to join the Patriots.