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Olympic host citiesCityCountryContinentFlagOlympiadNo.SeasonYearFromToAthensGreeceEuropeS001I-Summer1896April 6April 15ParisFranceEuropeS002II-Summer1900May 14October 28St. Louis[a]United StatesNorth AmericaS003III-Summer1904July 1November 23LondonGreat BritainEuropeS004IV-Summer1908April 27October 31StockholmSwedenEuropeS005V-Summer1912May 5July 27BerlinGermanyEuropeS006VI-Summer1916Cancelled due to WWI[4]AntwerpBelgiumEuropeS007VII-Summer1920April 20September 12ChamonixFranceEurope-W001IWinter1924January 25February 4ParisFranceEuropeS008VIII-Summer1924May 4July 27St. MoritzSwitzerlandEurope-W002IIWinter1928February 11February 19AmsterdamNetherlandsEuropeS009IX-Summer1928May 17August 12Lake PlacidUnited StatesNorth America-W003IIIWinter1932February 4February 15Los AngelesUnited StatesNorth AmericaS010X-Summer1932July 30August 14Garmisch-PartenkirchenGermanyEurope-W004IVWinter1936February 6February 16BerlinGermanyEuropeS011XI-Summer1936August 1August 16SapporoJapanAsia-W005aVWinter1940Cancelled due to WWII[4]TokyoJapanAsiaS012XII-Summer1940Cancelled due to WWII[4]Cortina d'AmpezzoItalyEurope-W005bVWinter1944Cancelled due to WWII[4]LondonGreat BritainEuropeS013XIII-Summer1944Cancelled due to WWII[4]St. MoritzSwitzerlandEurope-W005cVWinter1948January 30February 8LondonGreat BritainEuropeS014XIV-Summer1948July 29August 14OsloNorwayEurope-W006VIWinter1952February 14February 25HelsinkiFinlandEuropeS015XV-Summer1952July 19August 3Cortina d'AmpezzoItalyEurope-W007VIIWinter1956January 26February 5Melbourne




S016XVI-Summer1956November 22

June 10December 8

June 17Squaw ValleyUnited StatesNorth America-W008VIIIWinter1960February 18February 28RomeItalyEuropeS017XVII-Summer1960August 25September 11InnsbruckAustriaEurope-W009IXWinter1964January 29February 9TokyoJapanAsiaS018XVIII-Summer1964October 10October 24GrenobleFranceEurope-W010XWinter1968February 6February 18Mexico CityMexicoNorth AmericaS019XIX-Summer1968October 12October 27SapporoJapanAsia-W011XIWinter1972February 3February 13MunichGermanyEuropeS020XX-Summer1972August 26September 11InnsbruckAustriaEurope-W012XIIWinter1976February 4February 15MontrealCanadaNorth AmericaS021XXI-Summer1976July 17August 1Lake PlacidUnited StatesNorth America-W013XIIIWinter1980February 14February 23MoscowSoviet UnionEurope[c]S022XXII-Summer1980July 19August 3SarajevoYugoslaviaEurope-W014XIVWinter1984February 7February 19Los AngelesUnited StatesNorth AmericaS023XXIII-Summer1984July 28August 12CalgaryCanadaNorth America-W015XVWinter1988February 13February 28SeoulSouth KoreaAsiaS024XXIV-Summer1988September 17October 2AlbertvilleFranceEurope-W016XVIWinter1992February 8February 23BarcelonaSpainEuropeS025XXV-Summer1992July 25August 9LillehammerNorwayEurope-W017XVIIWinter1994February 12February 27AtlantaUnited StatesNorth AmericaS026XXVI-Summer1996July 19August 4NaganoJapanAsia-W018XVIIIWinter1998February 7February 22SydneyAustraliaOceaniaS027XXVII-Summer2000September 15October 1Salt Lake CityUnited StatesNorth America-W019XIXWinter2002February 8February 24AthensGreeceEuropeS028XXVIII-Summer2004August 13August 29TorinoItalyEurope-W020XXWinter2006February 10February 26Beijing[d]ChinaAsiaS029XXIX-Summer2008August 8August 24VancouverCanadaNorth America-W021XXIWinter2010February 12February 28LondonGreat BritainEuropeS030XXX-Summer2012July 27August 12SochiRussiaEurope[c]-W022XXIIWinter2014February 7February 23Rio de JaneiroBrazilSouth AmericaS031XXXI-Summer2016August 5August 21

StatisticsHost cities for multiple Olympic GamesRankCityCountryContinentSummer Olympics hostedWinter Olympics hostedTotal Olympics hosted1London Great BritainEurope3 (1908, 1948, 2012)032Athens/ GreeceEurope2 (1896, 2004)022Los Angeles USANorth America2 (1932, 1984)022Paris FranceEurope2 (1900, 1924)022Lake Placid USANorth America02 (1932, 1980)22Innsbruck AustriaEurope02 (1964, 1976)22St. Moritz SwitzerlandEurope02 (1928, 1948)2 Total Olympic Games by countryNations that have hosted the Summer Olympics

4 times 3 times 2 times 1 time 0 times

Nations that have hosted the Winter Olympics

4 times 3 times 2 times 1 time 0 times

RankCountryContinentSummer Olympics hostedWinter Olympics hostedTotal Olympics hosted1 United StatesNorth America4 (1904, 1932, 1984, 1996)4 (1932, 1960, 1980, 2002)82 FranceEurope2 (1900, 1924)3 (1924, 1968, 1992)53 Great BritainEurope3 (1908, 1948, 2012)033 CanadaNorth America1 (1976)2 (1988, 2010)33 ItalyEurope1 (1960)2 (1956, 2006)33 JapanAsia1 (1964)2 (1972, 1998)33/ GermanyEurope2 (1936, 1972)1 (1936)38 USSR/ RussiaEurope1 (1980)1 (2014)28/ GreeceEurope2 (1896, 2004)028 AustraliaOceania2 (1956, 2000)028 NorwayEurope02 (1952, 1994)28 AustriaEurope02 (1964, 1976)28 SwitzerlandEurope02 (1928, 1948)214 BrazilSouth America1 (2016)0114 ChinaAsia1 (2008)0114 SpainEurope1 (1992)0114 South KoreaAsia1 (1988)0114 YugoslaviaEurope01 (1984)114 MexicoNorth America1 (1968)0114 FinlandEurope1 (1952)0114 NetherlandsEurope1 (1928)0114 BelgiumEurope1 (1920)0114 SwedenEurope1 (1912)01

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Q: What is the list of countries that hosted the Olympics till date?
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Why haven't Asia hosted the Olympics?

Countries in Asia have hosted the Olympics a number of times and will so again in the future:China 2008, 2022(*)Japan 1940(**), 1964, 1972, 1998, 2020(*)South Korea 1988, 2018(*)Notes:(*) Future proposed dates.(**) The 1940 Summer Olympics was to be hosted in Tokyo, Japan but was canceled due to the outbreak of World War II.For details, see the full list.

List the previous countries to host the Olympics?

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What is the list date all the Olympics in order?

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Is Botswana competing in the 2004 Olympics?

Yes. See this list of countries participating in the 2004 Olympics.

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Can i see the list of the country who join the Beijing Olympics?

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How many contrys are competing in the 2012 Olympics?

205 countries participated in the 2012 London Olympics according to the official London Olympics web site with a total of 10,961 athletes. See related links below for the list of countries and number of athletes from each country.

Could you tell me the smallest nation ever to hold the summer Olympics?

There have been some smaller countries to host the Olympics. In 1912, Sweden (Stockholm) hosted the Games. In 1920, Belgium (Antwerp) was the host and in 1952, Finland (Helsinki) was the host. Today generally large, industrialized countries are selected to host the Olympics due to the large number of tourists expected and the construction of stadiums and venues that are needed for the athletes to compete. Click on the "Olympic Host Cities" link below to see a list of all cities and countries that have hosted the Olympic Games.

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