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There have been some smaller countries to host the Olympics. In 1912, Sweden (Stockholm) hosted the Games. In 1920, Belgium (Antwerp) was the host and in 1952, Finland (Helsinki) was the host. Today generally large, industrialized countries are selected to host the Olympics due to the large number of tourists expected and the construction of stadiums and venues that are needed for the athletes to compete. Click on the "Olympic Host Cities" link below to see a list of all cities and countries that have hosted the Olympic Games.

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Helsinki, Finland had a population of only 380,000 and the lowest GDP of a host city when it hosted the 1952 SUmmer Olympics. It's also known as one of the coldest cities, with an average summer temperature of 64 degrees.

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By Size: largest is Russia at 17.1 million square km, smallest is Monaco at 2 square km.

By Population: largest is China with an estimated 1.347 billion, smallest is Tuvalu and Nauru with an estimated 10,000.

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Q: Could you tell me the smallest nation ever to hold the summer Olympics?
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"Figure skating was first contested as an Olympic sport at the 1908 Summer Olympics, in London, United Kingdom. As this traditional winter sport could be conducted indoors, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) approved its inclusion in the Summer Olympics program."

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Up until 1992 both the summer and winter Olympics were held every 4 years, during the same year. At this point the cost of broadcasting rights was becoming so expensive that the televison networks could not afford biding on both the summer and winter in the same calender year. It was cheaper to move the winter Olympics, therefore in 1994, there was another winter Olympics, only 2 years after the previous one. Since then the winter Olympics have been held every 4 years, staggered 2 years apart from the summer Olympics.

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