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The country which has the fastest mile times and long distance times is asmall country in Asia

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2009-07-08 01:52:57
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Q: What is the fastest mile time out of all countries?
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What is the fastest time for a 10 year old girl to run a mile?

It all depends on the person, but anywhere from a 7-10 minute mile is good for a girl of any age.

Who is the the fastest bowler of all time?

Shoaib Akhtar is the fastest bowler of all time.

Fastest mile and a half time?

Joshua Jones was 18 with a mile and a half time of 6:31 in 2011. This is by far the fastest mile and 1/2 time recorded ever. His coach Jay Chagnon had this to say, "it was a really fast time and i am pround of all the hard work he has done." In that race Jones crushed his competition, with second place being Johnathan Butts nearly 2 min behind

What is the fastest time for mile in a half for a 13 year old?

maybe around 3 mins, but it depends on her speed and how fast she can run!! Fastest mile ever run is, I believe 4 minutes. So, a good mile and a half would be about 9-11 minutes, at a good pace, but like the previos poster said, it all depends on their speed.

Who is the fastest Pokemon of all time?

lucario and suicune are the fastest Pokemon

Who is the fastest girl runner in Massachusetts high schools and what is her best time for 1mile and the 2mile?

Last year Marika Crow of LS won all states in 5 flat. Her fastest 2 mile is 11:47. Andrea Keklak of LS is also very fast running a 4:49 mile, 11:09 2 mile, and won the 800 states in 2:06.

Who was the fastest filly Horse of all time?

ruffian,da and if you ask me she is also the fastest horse since the begining of time

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Twisted insane

Who is the fastest man of all time?

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Who is the fastest runner in the whole world?

Usain Bolt, a Jamaican, is not only the fastest runner in the world, but is thought to be the fastest runner of all time.

Who is the worlds fastest human of all time?

usain bolt

Who is the fastest horse of all time?

Man O' War

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