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The country which has the fastest mile times and long distance times is asmall country in Asia

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Q: What is the fastest mile time out of all countries?
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Who is the the fastest bowler of all time?

Shoaib Akhtar is the fastest bowler of all time.

What is the fastest recorded 1.5-mile run time?

Joshua Jones was 18 with a mile and a half time of 6:31 in 2011. This is by far the fastest mile and 1/2 time recorded ever. His coach Jay Chagnon had this to say, "it was a really fast time and i am pround of all the hard work he has done." In that race Jones crushed his competition, with second place being Johnathan Butts nearly 2 min behind

Who is the fastest Pokemon of all time?

lucario and suicune are the fastest Pokemon

Who is the fastest girl runner in Massachusetts high schools and what is her best time for 1mile and the 2mile?

Last year Marika Crow of LS won all states in 5 flat. Her fastest 2 mile is 11:47. Andrea Keklak of LS is also very fast running a 4:49 mile, 11:09 2 mile, and won the 800 states in 2:06.

Who was the fastest filly Horse of all time?

Ruffian is often considered one of the fastest fillies of all time. She won all ten of her races by large margins, setting track records and dominating her competition. Unfortunately, her racing career was cut short by a catastrophic injury.

What is the fastest time of a mile and one quarter by a 3 year old Thoroughbred Racehorse?

The fastest time by a three year old throughbred running a mile and one quarter was set at Hollywood Park in 1972 by a horsenamed Quack in the Hollywood Gold Cup. His time of one minute fifty-eight and one fifth of a second also equaled the existing world record set by the great throughbred Noor at Golden Gate fields. It has been answered that a horse named JO Tobin who defeated Seattle Slew at Hollywood Park in 1977 set the record by a three year old , but this is incorrect. Yes, Quack has the 3yo record and all time is Spectacular Bid. He ran the fastest 1 1/4. Running a time of 1:57.4.

Who is the worlds fastest human of all time?

usain bolt

What is the fastest car on need for speed underground 2?

The 240sx trust me. 1/4 mile in 7.53 with all 3 level modification

What is the fastest selling first person shooter of all time?


Who is tianna jimioff?

she is one of the fastest swimmers of all time in 1978

What quarterback of all time can throw a football the fastest?

I think it is Brett Farve.

What offensive lineman had the fastest 40 time in the combine?

The fastest offensive lineman of all time is a contemporary left tackle for the new England patriots. Kauzer ran a 4.43 40.