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A picture of you with the signer. Otherwise one needs a letter of authenticity.

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Q: What is the best authentication for your signed baseballs?
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All-star American league signed baseballs from 1958?


Where is the best place to buy 8x10 photos and baseballs to get signed for Spring Training or MLB games?

You can buy photos at any sports memorabilia store and baseballs at any store that sells sporting goods. I get baseballs at Wal Mart and have players sign them at Red Sox Spring Training.

Where can one sell signed baseballs?

One can sell signed baseballs on websites like eBay, Sports Buy, Autograph Collecting, PSA Card, Geo Cities, ABC Unlimited, Richard Simpson Sports or Huggs and Scott.

How rare is a baseball from the 1940's signed by the Yankees?

The team signed baseballs from the 1940's are not as rare as you might think. Team signed baseballs fron the 1940's in excellent plus condition might be on the rare side. The players in the day signed baseball as often or more than the player today. It was part of the job of being a ballplayer. unlike the players of today they did not get paid for it. Baseballs from the early to mid 1940's sell at a lower value than the baseballs in the later 1940's. most Major League stars were off fighting in the war.

What two things does SSL provide and how does this differ if the certificate is self signed?

Authentication Integrity

Where can you buy signed baseballs?

Card shows, card shops or online. Try this site (they have a lot)

Value of signed baseballs from 1961 all star game by American league and national league squad?


how to sign in to email on gmail?

Best authentication and security.

Why would the 1956 Yankees team sign a national league ball?

The baseball could have been signed for a fan that only had a National League baseball on hand. The baseball could have also been signed during a World Series at a National League park where National League baseballs are the only baseballs available.

It's best to use three-factor authentication?


Does it hurt a baseballs value if signed by two players?

I have that same problem and yes it does. If it is signed by joe mauer and derek jeter no but if one player is a minor league player or not good then it hurts the value.

How much is a baseball signed by Derek Holland and by Josh Hamilton worth? if it was just signed by holland or just by hamilton its def. worth something....but a lot of times when baseballs are signed by multiple players it makes it less valuable