What is the aim of Olympics?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Well. i think that the aim was

unified spiritual, national heritage and remove racial belief,honour,poets and writer have chance to express themselves to large audience,seen as festval,have peace,remove social evils


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the main aim of Olympics is to check which country is best in games and to dedicate people for sports. it also has a aim to make the world healthy and fit through showing sports events on t.v's.

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Q: What is the aim of Olympics?
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What is the aim of the olympics movement?

i do not knowfor the countries failure

Why did people make the olympics?

The people made the Olympics for various reasons. The main aim was to unite the nations in competitive sporting activities.

What was the aim of the Olympics movement?

It was a religious festival held in honour of the god Zeus.

What were the ideals and aims of the ancient oOympics?

The aim of the ancient Olympics is to honor the sons of Kronos.

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What is the main aim for having the Olympics?

so we can see what contry is the best so we can see what contry is the best so we can see what contry is the best

What was the original aim of the modern olympic games?

I believe there are five aims. Hence the five rings. Unless you are referring to the four qualities an athlete must obtain to compete in the Olympics.

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