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5-5.25 oz

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Q: What is the actual weight of a baseball ball?
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What is heavier a lacrosse ball or baseball?

A lacrosse ball is very different from a baseball. It is heavier and more bouncy. A baseball is light and stings when you get hit, a lacrosse ball is more of a thud since it is heavier. A lacrosse ball is not harder than a baseball, but it does hurt more when you get hit by one.

Does the weight of a baseball bat determine how far the ball will travel?

No, it has no effect.

Does the weight of a baseball bat affect how far the ball goes when it is hit?

It depends on how hard you hit the ball. :0

Would the weight of a baseball bat effect how far the ball gos?


What is the definition of the word baseball?

Baseball is the national sport of the United States. It also refers to the actual ball itself used to play the game of Baseball.

Does the weight of the softball and the baseball effect the speed?

Well if you throw a bowling ball and a golf ball, which is gonna go faster?