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Q: What object was designed to be the same weight as a baseball?
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What is the weight of a 10-kg object on the Moon compared to its weight on Earth?

The weight of a 10-kg object on the Moon would be approximately 1/6th of its weight on Earth. This is because the gravitational pull on the Moon is about 1/6th that of Earth's gravity.

What is water buoyancY?

The difference between an object's weight, and the weight of water with the same volume as the object.

If a hidden object has the same properties as the airplane what can you tell about the hidden object?

the hidden object weight the same as the airplane

Does An object's buoyant force and weight mean the same thing?

No, an object's buoyant force and weight are not the same thing. Weight is the force with which gravity pulls an object downward, while buoyant force is the force exerted by a fluid on an object immersed in it that opposes the object's weight. buoyant force can act in the opposite direction of weight if the object is floating in a fluid.

What both objects are made of the same material but the heavier object floats but the lighter object sinks?

If the object sinks or floats depends on mass or weight. The object can be made of the same material, but if the weight is not the same (say if it is heavery than water) it will sink.

What is the gravitational weight difference between the moon and earth?

The weight of an object on the moon's surface is 16.3% of the same object's weight on the earth's surface.

Does an object on earth have the same mass as it does on earth?

Yes. The mass of an object is always the same, but the weight of an object depends on the force of gravity on it.

Displaced liquid and the weight of an object are the same what would the object do?

If the displaced liquid and the weight of an object are the same, the object will float in the liquid. This is known as Archimedes' principle, which states that an object will float if the weight of the displaced liquid is equal to the weight of the object.

What describes the notion that an object floats if the buoyant force on the object is equal to the objects weight?

The notion that an object floats if the buoyant force on the object is equal to the object's weight is known as Archimedes' principle. According to this principle, an object will float when the upward force (buoyant force) exerted by the fluid it displaces is equal to the downward force (weight) of the object.

What is the same mass and weight?

The mass of an object doesn't change, no matter where the object goes. The object's weight changes, depending on what other masses are nearby.

What is the relationship between the effort and the weight of an object being lifted over a simple pulley?

the effort needed to lift an object is about the same as the weight of an object:)

Why is the mass of an object the same on the moon as it is on earth but the object weight is different?

The reason is because the mass is like the volume and the weight is like how heavy an object is.