What is the Olympic cauldron?

Updated: 9/28/2023
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The Olympic Cauldron symbolizes each Athlete's LIGHT of knowledge, life and spirit . It is the culmination of struggles leading to victory and accomplishment.

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the olympic flame is a symbol of the olympic games

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Q: What is the Olympic cauldron?
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Who ignited the Olympic cauldron in the 1996 Olympic games?


Why the Olympic cauldron is at every Olympics?

because it is

What time Olympic cauldron lit in 2012?


The traditional start to the Olympic Games is the lighting of the...?

...flame in Olympic cauldron via the torch relay.

What is the Olympic cauldron for?

it is to hold the torch when it is placed at the host city.

How does every Olympic games start?

The flame on the cauldron is lit.

What is different about the final Olympic torch bearer?

The final Olympic torch bearer will use the torch to light the cauldron at the Olympic venue.

Who lit the olympic cauldron at the 2010 winter games?

Wayne Gretzky

Who carried the final torch that lit the Olympic Cauldron?

Wayne gretzky

How many petals were used to make the cauldron in the the Olympic games?


What 1960 Olympic gold medalist lit the cauldron with the Olympic torch in the 1996 Summer Games?

Mohammad Ali

What 1960 olympic gold medalist lit the cauldron whit the olympic torch in the 1996 summer game?

Muhammad Ali.