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Around 38, average 60 and your district championship material 70+ and your country open contender 80+ then join the bdo 90+ your pdc material

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Q: What is the 3 dart average for pub players?
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If your 3 dart average is 75 what is your 1 dart average?


What is 3 darts average for pro dart players?

Professional darts players would average between 90-105 in high level matches. Phil Taylor did a 118.45 in the 2009 European Championship against Gary Anderson. Obviously the length of the match dictates the averages.

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How do you work out a 3 dart average?

the quick way is to add up the number od darts to finish the game (incuding 0 scores/missed doubles) then do this some: where: n is the number of darts thrown x is the 3 dart average. X = (501/n) * 3 eg (501/9)*3 = 167

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What is the highest untelevised 3 dart average?

Gary Anderson achieved an average of 133+ in a match against Arron Monk(including 4 11 darters!).

What is taylor's highest ever 3 dart average?

taylors highest average is 113.36 On April 23rd 2009, Phil Taylor achieved an average in excess of 116 in an 8-3 defeat of John Part in the Sky Sports Premier League Darts in Aberdeen. At the time this constituted the highest ever 3-dart average seen on television. The Power made a world record when he achieved an average of 118.66 in the UK Open in his 9-0 win against Kevin Painter

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