What is sport development?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Sport development is defined as a process where a desire in a particular sport is created and nurtured. This may include activities like participating in sports and getting information on the same.

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Q: What is sport development?
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How does Venezuela use sport to promote development?

they really arent for sure how Venezuela uses sport to promote development

What sport is form of football development in England?


Staff development in sport and leisure?

things such as staff development, talk about the environment such as the health and safety issues.

With which sport is Cameron Jones associated with?

Cameron Jones is associated with the sport of basketball. He is currently in the NBA Development League.

Where did the true development of track and field as a modern sport start?


In Sport Development what is a Cross Cutting Agenda?

A cross-cutting agenda in sport development refers to initiatives and policies that cut across various strategic priorities or themes. It is a way to address overarching issues like inclusion, sustainability, or governance that impact different aspects of sport development. By integrating these cross-cutting agendas, organizations can ensure a more holistic and effective approach to advancing the development of sport.

What are the roles of sport in national development?

There are a number of roles that sports can play in national development. It could build unity or a common goal for example.

What has the author Guy Jackson written?

Guy Jackson has written: 'Sport and the development of tourism'

Who was a pioneer in the development of modern basketball?

I believe that you are looking for the sport's inventor, James Naismith.

The development of professional sport between 1850 and 1900?

football, cricket, hockey, horse riding

Sport as a form of investment?

Canada is the 79 in the fifa rankings, but they is are hope in the populariry of soccer in Canada. and the question is how Canada can use sport as a form of investment and community development?

What national organizations are responsible for the development of sport in the UK?

The Sports Council is one of them. But individual sports would each have their own organisations.