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Q: What is finny reaction to gene decision not to play sports?
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Why gene is shocked about finny's decision What does it make him feel about finny?

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Explain why gene is shocked about finny's decision What does it make him feel about finny?

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What is gene's attitude towards sports?

Gene is not into sports as much as Finny, but Gene can put up a fight or two. Gene is more of a studious person and wants to be #1 in his grade.

What is finny's reaction when Gene first apologizes for knocking him out of the tree?

Finny is surprised by Gene's apology and initially doesn't believe that he did it on purpose. He accepts Gene's apology but struggles to understand why Gene would have wanted to hurt him.

What is Gene's reaction when Finny tells him that he is his best friend in A Separate Peace?

Gene is caught off guard by Finny's declaration but feels touched and grateful. He realizes the depth of their friendship and is comforted by Finny's loyalty and support. This moment strengthens their bond and deepens Gene's appreciation for Finny.

Does gene tell anyone about finny's broken record?

No, Gene does not tell anyone about Finny's broken record because he feels guilty for causing the accident that led to Finny's injury. He decides to protect Finny by keeping the truth to himself. This decision ultimately affects their friendship and has lasting consequences on their relationship.

What is Finny like when Gene talks to him at home?

Finny is welcoming and eager to connect with Gene when he talks to him at home. He is friendly, charismatic, and seems genuinely interested in their conversation. Finny's personality shines through, demonstrating his natural ability to make others feel comfortable and at ease.

What does gene suspect finny of?

Gene suspects Finny of sabotaging his academic performance by convincing him to skip studying and instead participate in sports and other leisure activities. He also suspects Finny of having ulterior motives or trying to distract him from his academic goals.

What lie does Gene tell Finny as he leaves his house in a separate peace?

Gene tells Finny that he caused him to fall from the tree intentionally, taking away Finny's ability to pursue sports and the Olympics due to jealousy. This lie sets the course for their complicated relationship throughout the novel.

Who would be the better friend Gene or finny?

It is difficult to determine who would be the better friend between Gene and Finny as it would ultimately depend on individual preferences and needs. Gene is more introspective and thoughtful, while Finny is charismatic and adventurous. Both characters exhibit qualities that make them valuable friends in different ways.

Why was gene jealous of finny and why did he hurt him?

because finny never lost his innocence, but gene did, and when gene lost his innocence, his bestial side was revealed, which allowed him to take out his anger on finny

What second realization does gene have about finny?

Gene realizes that Finny genuinely cares about their friendship and does not hold any grudges or jealousy towards Gene. Gene understands that Finny sees him as a true friend and not as a rival or competitor.