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Before a hockey match a coin is tossed to see who gets the push back.

Whichever team captain wins picks either the the direction in which to score, or whether or not to have first push back.

The person who plays the centre-forward position takes the push back from the centre of the half-way line on the pitch. when the whistle is blown for the match to start, the centre-forward passes the ball back to a member of their team- that's how play begins.

A push back is taken after every goal.

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Q: What is a push back in hockey?
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How do you start a game of hockey?

with a push back!

What is the difference between air hockey and push hockey?

Push hockey does not have air like air hockey does

What changes have been made to hockey?

Just one of the changes in hockey is that we now start with a push back and not a bully-off !

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A flick is a push that causes the ball/puck to be raised.

What are the hits in field hockey?

Push pass, slap shot, Drive.

How does a game of field hockey start off play?

Taken from the centre of the pitch, it's called "push-back", although the ball may go forwards or backwards from the centre line. The player taking the push back may pass to a team-mate (or an opponent if s/he really wants), or "pass" it to himself. All opposition players must be 5 metres away at push back.

What kind of field hockey pass has a H and a S?

Slap Shot, Push Pass, Choke, and Drive are the types of passes in Field Hockey.

Evaluation commands on push pass performance in field hockey?

It could be over here

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