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a long barrier in rounders is a skill that stops a ball passing past you, when a ball is rolling on the floor instead of putting your foot in the way to stop it you do a long barrier, it is like kneeling to the side one of your knees touches the floor buty the other one doesnt it gives you an increased chance of getting a ball successfully (:

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Q: What is a long barrier in rounders?
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How do you do a short barrier in rounders?

There is both a long and short barrier in Rounders. A short barrier is where you drop down so your heel of your foot is touching your butt and your knee is on the floor/grass. The opposite will be the long barrier, where you lean forwards and make the barrier bigger, but the ball could roll between your arms and your feet in this position. The problems with the short barrier is that you don't cover a lot of area, so the ball could go to either side of your body instead of the area you've barred.

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