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A line drive is a ball hit really hard and fast in a straight line.

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Q: What is a line drive in baseball?
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Value of line drive pre-rookie 91 AAA baseball cards?

Line Drive Pre Rookie aaa 1991 pack of baseball cards

Definition of line drive in softball?

Definition: line drive is a hit that goes straight and is not rolling on the ground. A line drive in softball is the same thing in baseball, the only difference is the size of the ball.

Why does baseball not have cheerlearders?

They don't because where are they going to put them, one of them will get nailed by a line drive and that will be it for them.

What does frozen ropes mean in baseball?

The term frozen rope is baseballese for a line drive by a hitter.

What is the definition of line drive?

Line drive is a baseball term. It concerns a batted ball that is hit in such a manner that it leaves the player's bat and as almost on a "clothesline" it heads on a powerful streak towards the field of play.

What happens when the batter in baseball hits a line drive off the pitchers mound and directly into the dugout?

It is called a foul

What has the author Terry Bledsoe written?

Terry Bledsoe has written: 'Line drive' -- subject(s): Baseball, Readers

Baseball termanolgy that start with the letterl?

Losing pitcher; losses; line drive, line out; lumber (bat); left fielder; left hander; lefty..maybe others.

What is a rope in baseball slang?

The one reference I can think of is a hard, straight line drive which is sometimes called a "frozen rope".

What are the dangers of baseball?

The main dangers of baseball are being hit by a pitch and taking a line drive or grounder off the body. Also, you can pull muscles running the bases.

If a baseball player hits a line drive and tries for a double and gets tagged out does it count as a hit?

Yes, it would be scored as a single.

Felicia throws the baseball as hard as she can It comes back to her but nobody has touched it and it hasn't bouncedHow?

It was hit back to her on a line drive by the batter with a bat.

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