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Football means soccer everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

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Q: Does football mean soccer in cuba?
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What does soccer really mean?

Soccer is football in U.S.A and Football in England..........

When wikianswers come up with football in an american question do they mean football or soccer?

Americans call soccer soccer, and football football!

What is soccer in France?

If you mean "What is soccer in French?", then it is "football"

Do football mean soccer in Greenland?


What does football mean in Bolivia?


What is more popular basketball or football in the world?

If by football you mean American football, then basketball is far more popular. If by football you mean soccer, then soccer is more popular. Soccer is the most popular in the world.

Does football or basketball have more injuries?

by football do you mean soccer?

How is soccer in Europe played?

what is soccer, do you mean football. thats the probem.

Does football mean soccer in Kenya?

Football means soccer everywhere except the US, Canada and Australia.

What does FC in soccer mean?

Football Club

What does the word soccer mean in spanish?


What does el futbol mean?

football, soccer

In soccer, what does 'FC' mean?

Football Club

Do New Zealanders play football?

If football you mean American Football? Then yes. If football, you mean Soccer? Then yes also!

Is soccer older than football?

If you mean American football then yes soccer is older. American Football was first played in 1869 with soccer's first match in 1848.

Where in England was soccer played?

soccer? don't you mean football? soccer isn't played in the UK

Soccer vs football?

It depends on what you mean by soccer vs football. If you are referring to the beautiful game. Most countries and territories call it football or something similar to the name. However, some countries say soccer(Association Football) because they have other sports or versions of football, such as American Football, Canadian Football, Australian Football, Gaelic Football and Rugby Football.

Is football one of the best sports in the world?

If by football you mean soccer then yes!

What does FWA mean in soccer?

Football Writers Association

What does AFC mean in soccer?

Association Football Club

What does football mean in Spanish words?

As in soccer, "fútbol". As in American football, "fútbol americano".

How do u say football in french?

If by football you mean the American version of football, then it's le football americain If by football you mean futbol (Soccer), then it's le football

What does IFAB mean in soccer?

International Football Association Board.

What is the most popular sport in the midest?

football. i mean soccer.

What does number 20 mean in soccer?

It means 42 in Football