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NFHSA seals balls @ 5ozs X 9"

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Q: What is Average size of baseball used in high school?
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What is the official size of a high school baseball?

5 inches 9 ounces

Is there a difference between the size of a high school baseball and a college baseball?

middle school baseball is not as competitive as high school,and in middle school you cant get a scholarship for a college school None, They are both Federation Rules, Middle School should be a stepping stone to High School

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Can a white baseball bat be used in a high school baseball game?

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There is no straight answer to this question. The size of the pool at any particular school would depend on the needs of that school, local laws and ordnances, the engineering, the average number of expected users, how the pool is to be used, etc.

What is the size limit for a bat in little league baseball?

There is no bat size in high school softball that you must have just pick what size you think fits you best

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What is 5A baseball?

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What is the size of the soccer ball used in high school?

Size 5.

What is a good size for an adult first baseman's mitt?

There is no size limit to the first baseman or catcher mitt in high school baseball. The size limit of a high school outfielder's mitt shall be no larger than 14-inches in height, 8-inch width at palm, and 53/.4-inch webbing.

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