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no your bat has to be regulation size and very tan to use in a game

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Q: Can a white baseball bat be used in a high school baseball game?
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In high school baseball can the pitcher be removed and return later in that game as a pitcher?

No. In high school baseball, once a pitcher is called out of a game he is done for the day.

How many innings are in a Georgia High school baseball game?

In Texas, High School baseball games are 7 innings long, and I believe that is the same around the country. If the game is tied at the end of the 7th inning, it continues until there is a winner.

What is a complete game in High School baseball?

It looks like you're asking what a complete baseball game is. A full game is played in 9 innings, considering there is no tie, but during bad weather or any other phenomenon that may end a game early, a game is considered a complete game after the 5th inning and the score is final if ended from then on.

Can coaches use tobacco during a high school baseball game?


How many innings in a high school baseball game?

7 innings for most high schools

What is the inning does a game becomes a mercy game in baseball?

there is no mercy rule in the MLB. in Junior High baseball it is the 5 inning. It is also the 5 inning for high school

What is the longest Oregon High School Baseball game?

1975, game played between San Lorenzo High school and Hayward High school went 25 innings spread over 2 days.

Johnny Damon played high school baseball with what Chicago White Sox?

A.J. Pierzynski

When are fireworks at white plains high school?

When are the White Plains fireworks White Plains high school

Was Johnny Damon a high school football star?

I do not know about being a football star. He did play football in high school though. I believe baseball was his game. In his senior year, Johnny was rated the top high school prospect in the country by Baseball America.