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they receive a medal, a greek tiara of leaves and a bouquet of roses, and someone shakes their hand from the olympic committee. c. vanlier

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Q: What happens to Olympic athletes before they leave the podium?
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What was introduced into the olympic games before the other two flame podium electrical timing equipment?

electronic timing

When was the tri-level podium used in the Olympics?

The tri-level podium was first used and introduced in the 1932 Olympic Summer Games held in Los Angeles, California.

What happens at the olympic ceremony?

March past by each participating country member participants with the team leader hoisting the national flag in front.The Olympic Torch after long tour is set up in the main podium. The Olympic Flag is handed over to the organizing country by the last country who organized it.

Why doesn't Michael Phelps sing the national anthem when on the Olympic podium?

because he is a bad singer

What does the three points on the London Olympic mascots head mean?

Podium (Gold, Silver and Bronze)

Why did the olympic podium begin?

I'm not sure i am doing a project on the Olympics and this is one of my questions

What happens if a person jumps of the podium early in the Hunger games?

They are blown up.

Was the podium for medal winners introduced before the flame?


How tall is Yohan The Beast Blake?

Yohan Blake is between 172 - 175 cm tall acording to other athletes heights in contast to his on podium.

Do Olympic basketball coaches get medals?

No, team coaches do not take the medal podium and therefor do not receive medals for their teams achievements in any Olympic sport.

What does podium mean?


What is the plural of podium?

The plural of podium is podiums.