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They go homeplate

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Q: What happens in rounders when there is only one batter left?
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Rules for rounders?

1. Bowling no balls- The bowler must bowl a ball towards the batter so that:· It is thrown with a smooth underarm action· The ball arrives without bouncing and within the batters square· The ball is above the batter's knee, below the batter's head, and not at the batter's body· The bowler's feet are inside the bowler's square when the ball is bowled.Otherwise a 'no-ball' is called.A batter can attempt to hit a no-ball and can run on a no-ball, if desired whether the ball is hit or not, but cannot return once first post is reached. If two consecutive no-balls are bowled to the same batter, the batter scores a half-rounder.2. Batting- The batter is out if:· The batter hits the ball and it is caught without first hitting the ground· the post being run to is 'stumped' - a fielder touches it with the ball· the batter runs inside a post· the batter loses contact with a post when the bowler has the ball inside the bowler's square· the batter overtakes a fellow batter when running around the posts.· while not running between posts, the batter obstructs a fielder· the batter's foot is outside the batter's square when the ball is bowled· The batter gets one chance to hit the ball (ignoring no-balls) and must run even if the ball is not struck.· If the ball is hit behind the batting square or not hit at all, the batter can only run to first base.· Otherwise, the batter runs around as many of the bases as possible and stops at a post only when the batter thinks there is a danger of the next post being 'stumped'.3. Scoring rounder's- A score is immediately posted in the following situations:If the batter hits the ball or is bowled a no ball and then reaches the fourth post, a rounder is scored.If the batter fails to hit the ball and reaches the fourth post, a half-rounder is scored.If the batter hits the ball and reaches the second post, a half-rounder is scored.A fielder obstructs a batter running to a post, a half-rounder is scored.If the batter hits the ball and reaches the first, second or third post without being out, the batter stays at that post (and must keep in contact with it) until the next ball is bowled. As soon as the ball leaves the bowler's hand, such a batter can run to the next post, if they wish, even if a no-ball is called.If the batter does not keep contact with the post, the fielding side can stump the next post to get the player out. 2 batters cannot be at the same post so a batter must run on to the next post if the next batter catches up with them.A batter who continues in this way and reaches the fourth post scores a half-rounder.Once the fourth post is reached, the person goes to the back of the batter's line and awaits their next turn to bat.4. Winning- After both sides have played both innings, the side with the most rounder's wins.5. Other rules-· A team consisting of a maximum of 15 players and a minimum of 6 of and no more than 9 may be on the field at one time. An innings is over when the 9th batter is out.If the ball goes behind, the batter may only run to first post but may continue to run once the ball has returned in front of the batter's square again. In this way, it is possible to reach 4th post and score a rounder, even if the ball is hit behindA batter can run to a post even if it has been previously stumped but there is no score if this is done on 4th PostWhen the bowler has the ball in his square, you cannot move on, but if you are between Posts, you can carry on to the next.You must touch 4th Post on getting home.

What are the fielding positions in rounders?

Service PlayersThe two players responsible for ball service are the pitcher/server and the catcher. As with baseball, the catcher is responsible for guarding the plate. This position has a much larger area of play than in baseball and the catcher's box (which measures 8 by 4 meters) extends beyond home plate and into the playing field. Aside from a base runner, the catcher is the only player allowed to enter this area or any part of the field between home plate and the pitcher's stand. The pitcher must remain on the pitcher's stand while serving, but once the ball is in play he's able to leave the stand in order to field the ball.Base PlayersIn rounders, aside from the catcher, there are only three base positions. These players are responsible for all plays that occur between the pitcher's stand and the outfield. Exactly where a player is located relative to the base is determined by his experience. As the official title of the position is base "minder," players who are less experienced will field their positions closer to the base (without standing directly on top of it) so as to better ensure that base runners are less likely to advance. More experienced players are able to field the ball at a farther distance from the base, which provides better infield coverage.Field PlayersThe remaining four field positions are in the outfield. These positions are the left infield, left outfield, right infield and right outfield. Since second base minders generally field the ball to the left of the base (the first base side), a position that's lacking in rounders is a baseball shortstop. Shortstops are responsible for fielding the ball when it's hit between second and third. Without this fielding position, in rounders the player in the left infield is permitted to play forward enough to cover this position. The right infielder is also allowed to play near to the base line should the base minders be required to stay close to their bases. Right and left outfielders can be played as far back as necessary (within the boundaries of the field dimensions) depending on a known batter's hitting ability.

Which is the only sport which is not allowed to play left handed?


Which sport can be played with only left hand?


Name something that only happens every 4 years?


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What happens in rounders when a batter hits the ball behind them?

you can only run to first base after it back over the line

Can a fielder not on a base stump a batter out in rounders?

no, a fielder which is not placed on a base cannot stump the batter out, only a fielder on a base can.

What are the release dates for The Rounders - 1966 It Takes Only One to Suffer 1-8?

The Rounders - 1966 It Takes Only One to Suffer 1-8 was released on: USA: 25 October 1966

What is baseball called in England?

Baseball is still baseball in England - there are many significant differences between baseball and rounders, for example, runs (known themselves as rounders) are only scored in rounders when a single player runs around all four bases. There are two separate Rounders associations in the British Isles, that which exists in England is called the National Rounders Association (NRA), and that which exists in the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA).

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Can a batter be taken out of the game while batting?

Yes, batters can be ejected while they are batting, usually by arguing about the strike the zone with the umpire. This usually only happens after the batter has struck out, rather then in the middle of the count, but if the batter argues too much, the umpire can toss him at any time.

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Do batters count as left on base?

No, only the people on first, second or third when the batter commits the final out of an inning. For example, if there was someone on first and third. The batter flied out to end the inning, he'd be charged with 2 LOB.

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