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hey all i know is mark mcguire, whos one of the best Baseball players of all time, and a san francsico relief pitcher, don't know his name

To the best of my knowledge, Mark didn't go to Claremont High, he attended Damien High School in neighboring La Verne, Ca. He did attend Elementary and Jr. High schools in Claremont.

Conner Henry who played for the Boston Celtics attended Claremont High.

Actually, Mark did go to claremont high school, my dad and uncle actually went to school with him.

Also, Kori Carter just graduated (class of 2010). she is a professional track athlete and is going to Stanford university. She's suuuper pro and was even on the cover of an ESPN magazine. Google her name, she actually has a suggestion. I know because I currently go to Claremont High and went to graduation.

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Q: What famous athletes came out of Claremont High School?
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