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Q: What percentage of high school athletes become professional athletes in California?
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What percentage of professional athletes have children who grow up and become professional athletes themselves?


What percentage of people become professional athletes?

About 1 in every 14,000

What percentage of high school athletes become professional athletes?

Less than two percent. Might want to have a back up plan and do a little studying.

How many kids want to grow up and become professional athletes?

Many kids dream of being professional athletes.

Why do athletes exercise so much?

Professional athletes do it because it's their job. The rest do it because they want to, or strive to become a professional.

What is the percentage of college athletes who become professionals in their sports?

well there is hundreds of thousands of colleges and the percentage of them getting in is about 2%

One in how many athletes go pro?

Depending on what sport you are talking about, it all varies but usually 1 in 1,000 athletes become professional if not 1 in 1,0000

Where did Venus Williams become a professional tennis player?

Compton, California

What percentage of people become professional wrestlers?

very few approximately about 0.0003% become wwe superstars and about 0.08% become wrestlers.

Where do NCAA athletes go after college?

Depending on their sport and skill level, some NCAA athletes will go on to become professional athletes. However, the vast majority will go on to live a normal life working a job pertaining to their degree.

What are the chances of a college student becoming a professional athlete?

The chances depend on the dedication of the athlete but ther are millions of people who want to become professional athletes so the chances depend on the athlete

How do athletes become talented?

With Practice

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