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His uniform, plus a mask, a catching glove, shin guards and a chest protector, plus a cup, of course.

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Q: What does the baseball catcher wear?
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Name something baseball catcher might wear?

Catcher's Mitt Baseball cap Mask

Does the softball catcher wear protective equipment?

Of 'course they do. Just like a baseball catcher they have to be protected from the runners,ball,and the bat. If they don't wear equipment then they will get really hurt. It is a rule for them to wear them. It's safe.

What type of baseball catchers equipment does the New York Yankees catcher Jorge Posada wear?


What is a baseball position with the letter cat in it?

Catcher CATcher catcher catcher

Did catchers wear a mask when baseball first started?

No. The first catcher's mask is credited as having been invented in 1876 by Fred Thayer who modified a fencer's mask for the catcher of the Harvard baseball team. Click on the 'History of the Catcher's Mask' link below to read about the history and see pictures of the early catcher's masks.

What baseball catcher was hit in the throat by a broken bat and caused all catchers to wear a throat guard?

Carleton Fisk

What do you call the guy at the back catcher in baseball?

hind catcher. or just catcher.

In baseball does the pitcher follow the instructions of the catcher?

No, in baseball the pitcher does not follow the instructions of the catcher.

What safety equipment does a catcher wear in softball?

Catchers wear: 1. Chest protector 2. Shin pads 3. Catcher's helmet 4. (Catcher's) mitt Hope this helps! Sources: I play catcher

Does a catcher have to wear an official catcher's mitt or can he wear a fielder's glove?

It is not in the rule book that a catcher must wear a catcher's glove, however, it is a very good to do so. The hardest throwing pitchers in the MLB throw in the mid to high 90's. Without a catcher's glove, you would break your hand and fingers.

How do you use the word catcher in a sentence?

The catcher caught the baseball.

What is the possessive of the mitt of the catcher?

The correct spelling is catcher's mitt (the glove used by a baseball catcher).

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