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Playing .500 ball means you win exactly half or your games and lose the other half. For example if you play 10 games and play .500 ball your record would 5 wins and 5 losses. .500 when converted to a percent equals 50%.

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3 or more players

Ages: 6 and up

Need tennis ball

One player is the tosser and the other players will be the catchers.

Catchers line up a few feet back from the tosser facing him. Players should be arm's length apart.

The tosser throws the ball up in the air and calls out a number. The players try and catch the ball. The player who does is awarded that number of points.

Balls must be caught in the air, they can't be scooped off of the ground.

The winner is the player who gets five hundred points first. He is the new tosser for the next game.

Or you can switch up after each ball is caught. That way each player gets to be the tosser.

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Means that you are batting over .500 the last player to ever do it was Ted Williams. Mr.Padre was also close but he didn't reach due to a strike.

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Q: What does it mean to play 500 ball?
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