What does a protection cup do?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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it is what protects the things between a man's legs.

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Q: What does a protection cup do?
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What sports in Australia uses a cup for protection?

Cricketers in Australia use a cup for protection.

Where can you buy a 'cup protection' for paintball?

Any sports cup will do.

Don't you need a cup for protection?

no it will smash and make u messed

Can a baby bottle nipple be used as a substitute for a menstrual cup?

No, only use things that are intended as menstrual protection.

Do pitchers and catchers have to wear two cups sometimes for more protection and what is the best cup to buy?

There is no rule here. More protection is a personal choice. An athletic store or a teammate can help you choose the right one. i dont think that they would have to, but definatley wear a cup. i know catchers have to but pitchers should because a teammate was pitching without a cup and got a line drive there, he was down for 15 min. i was pitching one time and got hit there by a line drive and it shattered my cup. i shudder to think what it would feel like if i didnt have a cup on.

Did you mean in part of dressmaking machine a small hard pitted cup norm for protection on the finger that pushes the needle in sewing.?


What to have in your locker?

face mask baseball cap cup chest protection tobacco

Does an athletic supporter protect you?

Athletic supporters provide some protection. They pull your penis and testicles in tight against the body, which protects you from testicular torsion, and general soreness. However, a cup provides more protection from impact.

Why do football players have big bulges in groin area?

Because they are wearing protection there to keep that part of their anatomy safe.

What type of jockstraps should you buy?

If you're playing a sport where you might get hit in the crotch, you should have one with a cup for protection. Otherwise, you should wear a regular elastic one (no cup) for support while you run or work out.

What does a referee wear for ball hockey?

Striped shirt, black pants, athletic shoes, eye protection if necessary, and most importantly if you are a male a protective cup with supporter.

Should you use a hard or soft cup for paintball?

In my personal opinon a hard cup is MUST the pants provide some protection but not enough if you want kids later if you know what i mean.soft if anything, most people dont use them at all, i am one, before i had paintball specific pants and slider pants with a pad just for this in them i hung a hand towel out of my belt, cheap and easy way to provide protection and it does not get in the way while running