What does a jockstrap smell like?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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It smells like whatever body part you wore it on. Usually smells like a genitals and sweat mix.

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Q: What does a jockstrap smell like?
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Most swimmers just wear Speedo or Speedo-like swimming suits. Some swimmers wear a "swimmers jockstrap" too. A "swimmers jockstrap" has a narrow 1-inch waist-band, which is smaller than the standard 3-inch waist-band of a standard jockstrap. The narrower 1-inch waistband will not reveal the jockstrap as much and the jockstrap waist-band will stay under the swimming suit. However, male swimmers who want to show a bigger "package" may chose to wear a cup-jockstrap under their swimming suit to enhance their masculine appearance. But they don't really need the protection of a cup when they are swimming. So it is all a mater of personal preference.

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Since there's a chance of getting hit in the groin, it would be best to get a jockstrap that has a hard cup as well.

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