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It probably means your not making contact with the ball at ALL and your just not swinging on the top of the ball. (witch is where you should hit the ball)

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Q: What does a hole in your swing mean in baseball?
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What does it mean in baseball when you hit the ball but you don't swing?


What does take mean in baseball?

take usually applies to the batter not to swing (take a pitch)

What does swing away in baseball mean?

"swing away" is a baseball term used to tell batters to take a full swing at the ball. Batters about to swing away will not try to bunt or necessarily place the ball in any specific area to move a base runner around, but will try to drive the ball to their best advantage.

What is the rule if your golf ball is in a hole and you can not swing your club?

Take it out of the hole and take a one shot penalty and place the ball no closer to the pin and in line with the hole.

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What will happen if you stop your baseball swing in the middle?

If you stop your baseball swing in the middle and the ball is not in the strike zone, an umpire will look at your wrists. If your wrists are "broken" it is a strike. That means the position of your wrists determine if you took a swing or not. If they are still in the same position as they normally are before you take a swing, you did not swing. If your wrists are in the position they would be in after you took a swing, you took a swing.

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How does the energy in a persons muscles help in swinging a baseball bat?

it can make you swing the bat faster but it doesn't mean you hit better

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Baseball caution:dont swing fully it messes up your swing

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