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Lots of protien,vitamans and some carbs.

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Q: What do young athletes need for nutrition?
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Why do athletes need nutrition in the body?

the athletes need nutrition in the body to make them perform faster or greater because the nutrition gives them more energy.

What has the author Patricia Eisenman written?

Patricia Eisenman has written: 'Nutrition and weight control workbook' -- subject(s): Athletes, Nutrition, Weight loss 'Coaches' guide to nutrition & weight control' -- subject(s): Athletes, Nutrition, Weight loss

Why is nutrition important to athletes?

to make them healthy, you stupid-,-

Is nutrition important for elite athletes?

Yess drffetjuhu

What has the author Monique Ryan written?

Monique Ryan has written: 'Sports nutrition for endurance athletes' -- subject(s): Athletes, Exercise, Nutrition, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Exercise

What is the desired amount of food for the athletes?

An expert in sports nutrition would advise the members of the team on what foods and how much they should eat. Athletes consume more calories than nonathletes.

What are the training characteristics of young athletes?

The training characteristics of young athletes is a good attitude. And to play the sport good.

What is the difference between regular nutrition and gaspari nutrition?

Regular nutrition would pertain to people of all ages and levels of activity. It is just the idea of eating healthy. Gaspari nutrition, however, is targeted to athletes.

What has the author Steve Wootton written?

Steve Wootton has written: 'Nutrition and sports performance' 'Nutrition for sport' -- subject(s): Athletes, Nutrition, Alimentation, Sportifs, Aspect physiologique, Sports

Why do you think nutrition experts recommend that young people eat foods high in calcium?

For strong teeth and bones- they need calcium.

Why is plyometric training not recommended for young athletes?


What is the percentage of young athletes dying?

19 percent