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tripping tripping tripping,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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Q: What do you call tripping or holding a player in soccer?
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What do you call a person that does soccer?

footballer or just player

What do they call 3 scores in soccer by one player?


What do you call a soccer player?

fast, energetic, team-player, reliable, coordination, powerful, strong, protective, calm, non-panicky, willing, fighter, selfish. if you want negative words just use the opposite of those words. I hope I was helpful.

What is tripping in basketball called?

When someone gets called for tripping in hockey, you will see two things: either they used there stick and the person fall because the stick was in their way or the person stuck out there foot and sent the person flying. Usually you will see the first one. Tripping in hockey is awarded two minutes in the penalty box.

Who is the cutest soccer player?

Akinfenwa or Micah Richards, it's a close call

Is Cristiano Ronaldo the best soccer player in the?

No. Cristano Ronaldo Is the second best soccer (football) player in the world coming after Lionel Messi. It was a close call but Cristiano wasn't far behind Lionel

Do they really call soccer football in Sweden?

Only Americans call! (everywhere else it is known as football)

Young soccer player tips?

learn how to slide tackle the ball before you hit the person. kick a ball against a wall and test your aiming with the soccer ball. If you call it soccer you should go play handegg instead.

What do they call soccer in Iceland?

They call it football.

What do they call soccer in Guatemala?

In Guatemala, soccer is called fútbol.

What is the favorite in Georgia?

football which they call soccer! football to them is soccer!

Is soccer right or football?

their both right because U.S.A call soccer and England call football