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They call it football.

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Q: What do they call soccer in Iceland?
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Related questions

What is a popular sport in Iceland?

The most popular sport in Iceland is soccer.

How long does soccer take in Iceland?

International soccer rules are the same everywhere.

What do call someone from Iceland?

People from Iceland are Icelandic, so you would call them Icelanders.

What country is the lowest ranking country for soccer?


Who was the first person to make soccer a famous sport?

Albert Gudmundsson made soccer the first sport in iceland.

What do you call a person from Iceland?

A person from Iceland is called an Icelander. If a person is from Iceland they are Icelandic.

What are the main sports in Iceland?

Some of the Main Sports are Handball, which Iceland is top ranked in the world. One of the other ones is football (soccer).

What do people from England call soccer?

People in England call soccer 'Football'.

Do they really call soccer football in Sweden?

Only Americans call! (everywhere else it is known as football)

What do you call a soccer player?

soccer player.

What do they call soccer in Australia?

Generally people just call it Soccer but some people who actually play, coach or watch a high level of Soccer/Football will call it Football.

What do you call a grandmother in Iceland?


Soccer in Italian?

Italians call soccer calcio

What do you call a girl who likes soccer?

soccer mom

Is soccer right or football?

their both right because U.S.A call soccer and England call football

What do you call people living in Iceland?


What do you call the house of Parliament in iceland?


What do they call soccer in Guatemala?

In Guatemala, soccer is called fútbol.

Why do they call Iceland iceland?

Because when some viking came to the country and when he saw the country from his ship there were like ice bergs in the sea by the land. He was the first man to come to Iceland.

What is Most popular outdoor leisure activity in Iceland?

The most popular one is football, or soccer.

What do they call Santa Claus in iceland?

In Iceland, Santa is called Jólasveinar. In Icelandic folktales, there are 13 Santa Clauses.

Why did America call it football?

America call it soccer.

Why did they call soccer soccer?

Because of american football. Its to cofusing to call 2 different sports br the sme name.

Is soccer boots and soccer cleats are the same?

Yes they are the same thing. Europeans call them boots and Americans call them cleats.

What do they call soccer players in Brazil?

Since people speak Portuguese in Brazil, they call soccer players "jogadores de futebol", which literally means "players of football/soccer".