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the portuguese first division

1 divisao

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FC Porto is a very popular and successful football club. The FC Porto football club plays specifically in Portugal. The FC Porto club was founded in the year of 1983.

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Q: What country does the association football club FC Porto play in?
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Is porto football club better than Manchester city football club?

Manchester city beat Porto 4-0 last night

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Sheffield FC founded in 1857 is the oldest football club that plays soccer. They originally played by Sheffield rules changing to Football Association rules in 1877.AnswerThe 'Laws of the game' for Assosiation football (Soccer) were coded by the Football Association in 1863. The first ever soccer match was played on Barnes common at Mortlake, London on 19th December 1863 between Barnes football club and Richmond football club. The Barnes club was captained by E.C. Morley who founded the Barnes club and wrote the 'Laws of the Game' for and behalf of the Football Association. The purpose of the game was to test the new code of football. Out of the two clubs only the Barnes Club was registered with the Football Association so by default this makes them the first Association Football Club to play a game of Soccer. The game ended 0-0

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Football Club, specifically association football clubs.

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