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FC Porto is a very popular and successful football club. The FC Porto football club plays specifically in Portugal. The FC Porto club was founded in the year of 1983.

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Q: What country does the association football club FC Porto play in?
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Who is the captain of Porto football club?


Is porto football club better than Manchester city football club?

Manchester city beat Porto 4-0 last night

When was Football Association of Iranian Club created?

Football Association of Iranian Club was created in 1998.

When was Essendon Association Football Club created?

Essendon Association Football Club was created in 1900.

When was Dublin University Association Football Club created?

Dublin University Association Football Club was created in 1883.

What does AFC mean in soccer?

Association Football Club

What was the gymnastic society of London?

A sports club which played football before the association was formed and the rules of Association football were codified.

What is the only English football league club with a j in its name?

Jarrow Roofing Boldon Community Association Football Club

What African country was the first to win the world cup?

no African club has ever won the world cup of professional association football.

What does FC mean when referring to a sport team?

Football Club, specifically association football clubs.

In which country is Liverpool Football Club?

Liverpool Football Club is in Liverpool, United Kingdom.

What was the first ever football team?

The oldest football club with a well-documented, continuous history is the Dublin University Football Club, founded in 1854 at Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland. Cambridge University Association Football Club has been described by both the university as the oldest club now playing Association football (soccer). Sheffield Football Club, in Sheffield, England is the oldest documented non-university club, and was founded in 1857.

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