Name of hull city

Updated: 8/17/2019
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Hull City AFC.

AFC stands for Association Football Club, not Amateur Football Club.

Nickname- The Tigers

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Q: Name of hull city
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Are there any Football league clubs whose name you cant color in?

hull city

Who is better hull city or QPR?

Hull city!

What is Hull City's nickname?

Hull City are known as The Tigers.

Were is the hull city youth academy?


When was Hull City A.F.C. created?

Hull City A.F.C. was created in 1904.

What websites can you watch hull city on?


Has Hull City signed Eboue?

No Hull City have not yet signed Eboue from Arsenal.

Which football team played at the Kc stadium?

the hull city footall club!

Who is the tenant of KC Stadium?

Hull City A.F.C. and Hull City are the tenants of KC Stadium.

Who is the Chairman of Hull City AFC?

The Chairman of Hull City A.F.C in England is Assem Allam.

What division does Hull City participate in?

The division that Hull City participates in is the Premier League in England.

What colour shirt do hull city play in?

Hull City Play in orange with black stripes