What countries played ringette?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Ringette is played in many countries but the main ones are Canada Finland United States and Sweden but Czech, Australia and many more play too.

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Q: What countries played ringette?
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How is math and ringette related?

it's not! I've played ringette for 5 years and it doesn't envolve math AT ALL!

How many countries have national ringette teams?

Hello, It is only Canada is you are reffering to the NRL (National Ringette League) but if you are wondering how many countries play rigette i would have to say 10+ maybe even 20.

Is there body contact aloud in tween ringette?

No! :P today i played a game and my friend got body checked into the boards and the person who checked her was in the penalty box for 4 min. its usually for 2 min MJKG Happy ringette playing! (RINGETTE ROX)

Where was ringette first played?

Ringette was developed by Sam Jacks in 1963 in North Bay, Ontario.

What are the 7 divisions of ringette?

1st:bunnies 2nd:novice 3rd:petite 4th:tween 5th:junior 6th:queen there is also ringette like the NHL but for ringette and you have to make it

Who scored the first goal in ringette?

Well the first ringette game ever played was in Ontario with two female hockey high school teams so it would be by a memeber on either or the teams

Who is the best ringette goalie player in Canada?

the best ringette goalie would probably be on the Canada game ringette team so you would have to check it out

Who is the most famous ringette player?

The famous ringette player is Sam Jacks in 1963.

What is a Canadian University that plays Ringette?

The University of Alberta, I know for a fact, has a Ringette team.

Isn't ringette one of the winter olympic sports?

no, but it should be!! this is my 5th year of playing ringette. i love it!!

What is the fastest game?


What is a ringette tournament?

A ringette tournament is where a bunch of teams from the home town or away play against each other to win a gold medal. There are 2 or 3 games before the cross overs, if you win that you play in the championship. Usally home teams play away teams but in different places there are different rules. I do know this because I have played in 7 ringette tournaments!