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dark indigo and "sporting" blue

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Q: What color is sporting kc jersey color?
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What is Portugal's color?

The home colors of Sporting Clube de Portugal [Sporting CP] are a green and white striped jersey and the away color is a solid green jersey.

Is Chad Ochocinco really trying out for Sporting KC?


What major international sporting event is the yellow jersey prized?

Tour De france

Where can one buy a discounted Cleveland Cavaliers jersey?

A Cleveland Cavaliers jersey can be bought through the NBA shop, the Cavaliers team shop, or a sporting goods store. There are also several discount sporting goods services that can be found on the internet.

Where can you purchase rifles in South Jersey?

any sporting store such as Sportman Center on Route 130 North. Check yellow pages for sporting goods stores............

What color is sporting lisbons kit?

green and white

What are the names of sport teams in kansas?

Kansas does not have a professional sports team in regards to the four major US sports (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL). They do have a Major League Soccer team, known as Sporting Kansas City.While the two major sports teams in Kansas City (the KC Royals and the KC Chiefs) are technically based in Kansas City, MO, they are nonetheless considered "Kansas City" teams and are supported by fans from both Missouri and Kansas. Many professional teams are physically located in areas other than what their name (and fans) would suggest. The New York Giants, for instance, are physically located in New Jersey, the Washington Redskins are physically located in Virginia, and the Los Angeles Angles are physically located in Anaheim. To say that Kansas has no major professional teams, while perhaps technically correct, could be considered a slap-in-the-face to the many loyal fans that hail from the Sunflower State.

Is jersey a color?


What color jersey will the broncos wear for the super bowl?

white jersey

What color is the Texas Tech football home jersey?

The color for Texas Techs home jersey is black, red is an alternative

Where can one obtain a Red Sox jersey?

There are many places where one can obtain a Red Sox jersey. One can obtain a Red Sox jersey from popular on the web sources such as Dick's Sporting Goods ant Target.

What color are the jets home jersey?

Primary Color Green Secondary Color White