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Tour De France

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Q: What major international sporting event is the yellow jersey prized?
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Where can you purchase rifles in South Jersey?

any sporting store such as Sportman Center on Route 130 North. Check yellow pages for sporting goods stores............

What is the name for the yellow jersey in french?

Yellow jersey in french is "maillot jaune"

What is the Yellow Jersey called in french?

The yellow jersey - le maillot jaune.

What should you wear under a yellow jersey?

I think you should wear anything maroon under a yellow jersey.

Is there an all yellow Pittsburgh Steelers jersey?

if you mean yellow with black lettering then yes, it is called a throwback jersey

What is a yellow jersey?

A yellow jersey is the yellow-coloured shirt worn by the leader of a cycling race at a certain time during the Tour de France.

Which race awards a winner the yellow jersey?

The famous race that awards the winner of the race the yellow jersey is the Tour de France. The person with the fastest time to the finish is awarded with the honorable yellow jersey.

How do you win the yellow jersey in tour de France?

Overall leader on time wears the Yellow jersey - the "Maillot Jaune".

What are New Jersey's state colors?

a pale yellow and jersey blue

Who won the 2011 tour de France yellow jersey?

Originally, Alberto Contador was awarded the yellow jersey in 2011, but it was taken away due to him doping in the race. The yellow jersey was then given to runner up Andy Schleck.

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What colors are the packers?

Green and yellow. Their throwback jersey is navy blue and yellow

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