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Q: What city do the cardinals play baseball for?
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What city's team are Cardinals?

For football it is the Arizona cardinals, which is not a city. But if you you are talking about baseball that would be the St. Louis Cardinals.

Did Larry Corral Play for the St. Louis Cardinals baseball team?

He did play for the cardinals he currently lives in oakdale

In what city do the Arizona Cardinals play in?

Glendale, Arizona

What city do the Arizona Cardinals play for?

The Cardinals play their home games at the University of Phoenix Stadium which is located in Glendale, a suburb of Phoenix.

What city did the cardinals play in MLB?

In St. Louis, Missouri.

What Major League Baseball teams play in Missouri?

There are two (2) Major League Baseball (MLB) teams that play their regular season games in Missouri: the Kansas City Royals and the St. Louis Cardinals.

What city do the baseball cardinals play Spring Training?

The Cardinals have their spring training in Jupiter, Florida. Pitchers and catchers should report down there in mid February with the rest of the players reporting a few days later.

Which professional baseball team did roger maris play for?

The professional Major League Baseball teams that Roger Maris played for were the Cleveland Indians, the Kansas City Athletics, the New York Yankees and the St. Louis Cardinals.

What baseball team did mark mcgire play on when is was a rookie before going to the cardinals?

oaklnad a"s

Which state do the NFL cardinals play?

The Cardinals play in the State of Arizona, hence the name Arizona Cardinals.

When was Lamar Cardinals baseball created?

Lamar Cardinals baseball was created in 1952.

When was Johnson City Cardinals created?

Johnson City Cardinals was created in 1937.

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