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The St Louis Cardinals

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Q: What is the baseball home team for Saint Louis?
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Are the Saint Louis cardinals the best team in the baseball lage?


What is the mascot for the Saint Louis baseball team?

fredbird and a cardinal

What year did the Saint Louis cardinals become a baseball team?


What NFL team plays the the Edward Jones Dome?

The Edward Jones Dome is a multi-purpose stadium in St. Louis, Missouri. It is home to the NFL team, the Saint Louis Rams. It was built largely for the purpose to draw in a NFL team back to Saint Louis.

What state are the St. Louis Cardnials from?

The St. Louis Cardinals, a baseball team, are at home in Missouri.

Is Saint Louis the best team in MLB?


When did the cardinals baseball team move to St. Louis?

The Saint Louis Cardinals was founded in 1882 in Saint Louis, Mo are were called the "Brown Stockings". In 1899 They change their name to the "Perfectos" For one year before adopting the "Cardinals" in 1900.

What is Saint Louis Blues?

The Saint Louis Blues is the city's National Hockey League team, so named because of W. C. Handy's song, "Saint Louis Blues".

What hockey team played in Saint Louis before the blues?

St. Louis Flyers were the original AHL team but the St. Louis Eagles were the first NHL team

Who on the Saint Louis Cardinals team was nicknamed 'The Wizard'?

Ozzie Smith

Which NFL team is known as Ewe's Mate?

Saint Louis Rams

What city and state is the St. Louis Cardinals call home?

If you mean the baseball team, they're in St. Louis MO. If you're referring to the "old" St. Louis Cardinals football team, they moved to Arizona. Previous to being in St. Louis they were in Chicago.

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