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Yankee Stadium.

Dodger stadium-56,000

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Q: What baseball stadium holds the most fans?
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What stadium in the US seats the most people?

The Louisiana Superdome... The new indoor stadium in Arlington, Texas will "hold" more fans because fans are allowed to stand in a certain portion of the stadium. The La. Superdome actually has more seats then the new Arlington stadium

What baseball stadium has the most seats?

The largest stadium (capacity-wise) currently in use by an MLB team is Dodger Stadium. Capacity 56,000.

Who has the most bunts in baseball history?

A bunt is an offensive technique which the batter loosely holds the bat and taps the ball lightly. Luke Appling holds the record for the most bunts in baseball history with a total of 1,424 bunts.

Which sport has the most passionate fans?

Many sports fans are passionate about their sport and their favourite team. So there is no real answer to this question. Traditionally football fans sing at most grounds and support their team for the length of their lives. Football teams around the world have an attachment to the area and cannot be moved. However cricket fans in India are passionate, in usa gridiron and baseball fans are noisy and care for their favourite team, as do ice hockey fans in Canada. So no one sport has all the most passionate fans. Football has the most fans around the world and thus the highets number of passionate fans so if that is what you were asking, which sport has the largest number of passionate fans, then the answer would be football.

What Japanese baseball hero holds the world record for most home runs in a career?

Sadaharu Oh

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