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san siro in milan

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Q: Which Italian soccer stadium seats the most fans?
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What soccer stadium seat the most fans?

Azteca stadium in Mexico city.....over 100,000 seats.

Which Spanish soccer stadium seats the most fans?

It's Camp Nou in Barcelona. Its capacity is about 99000 seats.

How many fans are there at a soccer game?

It depends on the size of the stadium.

What stadium in the US seats the most people?

The Louisiana Superdome... The new indoor stadium in Arlington, Texas will "hold" more fans because fans are allowed to stand in a certain portion of the stadium. The La. Superdome actually has more seats then the new Arlington stadium

Which Colombian soccer stadium can seat the most fans?

el campin

How many fans does University of Louisville Football stadium hold?

Papa Johns Cardinal Stadium sits 55,000 for Football. The Louisville Soccer Program does not play at the football stadium and instead plays at its own facility Called Cardinal Park which seats 3,500.

Which German soccer stadium can hold the most fans?

Dortmund over 80,000

How many seats are there at a baseball stadium?

Baseball stadiums generally hold between 40,000 and 65,000 fans.

What is the capacity of anfield?

Liverpool Football Club's stadium, known as Anfield, seats approximately 45,525 fans.

Which Turkish soccer stadium can seat the most fans?

Answer Atatürk Olympic Stadium is actually the largest stadium in Turkey with a capacity of about 75,486 seats. If you were to not count this stadium, there is another stadium under construction at this very moment. The construction of Turk Telekom began on the 13th of December and will open in August of 2010. The capacity of the stadium is an approximate 52,647 seats. It goes by the name of Türk Telekom Stadium and will be opened for Galatasaray A.Ş., the rightful owners of the stadium and of which cost €180 million only up to date. It will be considered a UEFA Elite Stadium hence construction is completed.

How many seats are in Ohio state university stadium in Columbus Ohio?

102,329 full of crazy Buckeye fans

Which stadium has recorded the most fans ever?

i believe it is the new Cowboys stadium because more seats equals more people. nu-nu bear

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