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In fact many of the same sports as in the U.S. We do share the same hockey league. And lacross league. Baesball and Basketball are not as big in Canada though. Canada has it's own football league (the CFL).

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Canadian games

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Q: What are the sports names they play in Canada?
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What sports does Canada play?

Gay ones.

What kind of sports does canada play?

Hockey the most as I know

Statistics on people who play sports in Canada?

you cant answer this question

What is the top 5 sports in Canada?

The citizens of Canada play several games. The top five sports are ice hockey, lacrosse, football, curling, and soccer.

What are some names of sports to play on horseback?

Polo and Horse Racing

What are the names of all the sports you can play only with your feet?

Kickball and Soccer.

What kind of sports do people from Vancouver Canada play?

A good amount of people from Vancouver play ice hockey.

What do teens in the pacific region in Canada do for fun?

They play many sports and text each other.

What are the names of black people that play sports?

They are called athletes, just like people who are not black.

What sports are influenced by mythology?

Lacrosse is a game that the First Peoples in Canada would play to appease the gods.

How many people play sports in Canada?

It is estimated that more than half of people in Canada play sports on some sort of level. This means that there are nearly 20 million Canadians playing sports.

What type of sports do they play in Liberia?

in Liberia they play these sports hockey, basketball, golf, cricket, but the popular sport in Liberia is soccer