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Polo and Horse Racing

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Q: What are some names of sports to play on horseback?
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What are some Major sports in Vermont?

snowboarding, skiing, horseback riding, and sledding; are just the major sports. There are however WAY more!

What are some non competitive sports?

Swimming, Horseback riding, and bowling. that's all i can think of.

Do they play any sports?

Some people play sports, who are they?

What are some horseback sports?

Dressage, show jumping, english, western, hunter. (i think these are all right :/)

What sports did Steve jobs play?

he did some sports

What were some sports in the 1800s?

soccer, Baseball, cricket, crochet, polo, horseback eagling, racing. Stuff like that

Do malasians play the same sports Americans do?

No, actually they don't. They play some American sports but, they also play their own sports.

What are some sports that Chile likes to play?

some sports that Chile likes to play is tennis, football and soccor.

What sports do afghans play?

Afghans play many sports. Some of sports were soccer (football), baseball, and many more. Girls were not play sports but they could watch.

Did people play sports for careers in the last 100 years?

yes but there way different equimpment and some were called in different names

What are some names of Italian sports cars?


What sports did thomas Jefferson played?

Adults did not play or watch sports in Jefferson's as they do now. There were no high school athletic teams. Of course kids would run, wrestle, play tag and such, but these games were organized into sports as we think of them today. Horseback riding was done out of necessity mostly, but there were fox-hunts and some horse-racing which Jefferson may have been involved in on occasion.

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