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I was just doing my P.E homework on it and the answer I found was 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, 4th base, bowler, backstop and battter. Batter can also be home and 4th base.

Hope this helps!!! :) :D

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Service Players
  • The two players responsible for ball service are the pitcher/server and the catcher. As with Baseball, the catcher is responsible for guarding the plate. This position has a much larger area of play than in baseball and the catcher's box (which measures 8 by 4 meters) extends beyond home plate and into the playing field. Aside from a base runner, the catcher is the only player allowed to enter this area or any part of the field between home plate and the pitcher's stand. The pitcher must remain on the pitcher's stand while serving, but once the ball is in play he's able to leave the stand in order to field the ball.

Base Players
  • In rounders, aside from the catcher, there are only three base positions. These players are responsible for all plays that occur between the pitcher's stand and the outfield. Exactly where a player is located relative to the base is determined by his experience. As the official title of the position is base "minder," players who are less experienced will field their positions closer to the base (without standing directly on top of it) so as to better ensure that base runners are less likely to advance. More experienced players are able to field the ball at a farther distance from the base, which provides better infield coverage.

Field Players
  • The remaining four field positions are in the outfield. These positions are the left infield, left outfield, right infield and right outfield. Since second base minders generally field the ball to the left of the base (the first base side), a position that's lacking in rounders is a baseball shortstop. Shortstops are responsible for fielding the ball when it's hit between second and third. Without this fielding position, in rounders the player in the left infield is permitted to play forward enough to cover this position. The right infielder is also allowed to play near to the base line should the base minders be required to stay close to their bases. Right and left outfielders can be played as far back as necessary (within the boundaries of the field dimensions) depending on a known batter's hitting ability.

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There is:

  • Bowler
  • 1st and 2nd post
  • 3rd post
  • Backstop/4th post
  • Deep fielder
  • 1st fielder
  • 4th fielder
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Field and get the ball

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this website is useless

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Q: What are the postions in rounders?
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