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two legs, the ability to jump, and a rope. preferably a jump-rope

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the material for Basketball

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Q: What are the materials needed in playing jumping rope?
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Does jumping rope help increase height and how?

no jumping rope does not help increase health. jumping rope is a cardiovascular activity nothing more.

Is jumping rope a proper noun?

Yes jumping rope is a proper noun

Which is grammatically correct jumping rope or jump roping?

It is not a question of grammar, but jumping rope is correct.

What is rope skipping?

jumping a rope ( gives you stamina as well)

How they do jumping rope?

Jumping rope is known as a skipping rope in the UK. It is a very good and simple means to exercise - much used by boxers during training.

What is the name of the game called rope?

the name of the game cold rope is jumping rope

What are the release dates for Girls Jumping the Rope - 1904?

Girls Jumping the Rope - 1904 was released on: USA: January 1904

What type of exercises is jumping rope for thirty minutes?

Plyo and cardio

Is jumping rope bad?

Bad? No way!! Jumping rope is arguably one of the best, if not THE BEST exercise you can do. Jumping rope is a great way to lose weight, gain strength, gain endurance and relax the mind. When starting out jumping rope, the best thing you can do is take it slow and RELAX. Relaxing when you jump rope is very important, it will you jump rope longer and become more efficient. Start jumping rope with a goal in mind of three minutes. After three minutes, take a break (I like to immediately do a set of weight lifting) then go back and do another three minutes. You can find more help on jumping rope from your personal trainer or take a look on youtube..

What is an example of an aerobic?

Jumping Rope

What actors and actresses appeared in Orange Rope - 2004?

The cast of Orange Rope - 2004 includes: Mirian Bildner as Girl jumping rope Paul Obedzinski as Neighbor Nicole Pullins as Girl jumping rope Skylar Shapiro as Girl jumping rope Mary Van Fleet as Grandmother Paris Yates as Annie

What are the release dates for Jumping the Rope After Bed Time - 1898?

Jumping the Rope After Bed Time - 1898 was released on: USA: July 1898