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two legs, the ability to jump, and a rope. preferably a jump-rope

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Q: What are the materials needed in playing jumping rope?
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Does jumping rope improve foot speed?

yes it does increase foot speed jumping rope makes your feet stronger and your legs stronger and by doing so your feet get stronger so your feet get faster their for your question is answered

What is the difference between dynamic and static climbing rope?

Dynamic climbing rope stretches when it is loaded, so for a climber this means that when he falls, the rope will stretch a little as weight is applied, making a fall softer and safer. A static climbing rope does not stretch and has its advantages in situations where you need a rope that does not stretch or give, such as rappelling or caving use. A static rope should not be used by climbers who are lead climbing because taking a fall on a static rope can lead to serious injury to the climber or even cause the rope to snap as it does not properly absorb the force it needs to cushion a fall.

What kind of rope is used for a tug of war?

Just a rope and knots in the middle and both of the ends were knot's.

What is the short rope tied to the horn in pro calf roping?

There is no "short" rope necessarily tied to the horn. You have your rope that you rope the calf with which is tied "fast" to the horn. There is also what they call the "jerk line" which is tucked into the ropers belt and attached to the horses bit so when the roper runs to the calf it "bumps" the horse in the mouth which in turn encourages him to keep the rope taught.

How long should the ski rope be when knee boarding?

The rope does not need to be any determined length. Just no that the longer the rope the harder and farther you can cut outside the wake which then allows you to cut hard back at the wake and get lots of air. A shorter rope will give you much more control though.

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