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you can have a straight bowl, which includes facing the batter (like straight ahead), one step forwards whilst remaining in the Bowling square and stepping on the opposite foot that you throw with. the bowl is a simple, smooth, underarm throw, that meets the batter at the correct height (below head, above knee). you can also do a shasse in lead up to your bowl. this means standing side on or face on, and doing a little step-ball-change (if you dance you will know). in other words, stepping on one foot, sort of springing onto the other and then stepping on the first one again. and then bowling normally. you can also include spin on the ball. side spin: flicking the wrist slightly and thumb round the ball to put a side spin on the ball so it is harder for the batter to hit it. top spin: instead of cupping the ball, holding it from above, and release in this way. also makes it harder to hit. hopes this helps! Chloe. B x

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Q: What are the different type of bowls used in rounders. .what are the techniques to perform them correctly and What is the correct technique for batting?
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