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1 of em is New Jersey Nets nets in new jersey

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Q: What are the best sports teams in New Jersey?
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What sports teams are in new jersey?

There are a few different teams. The only one that matters is the Devils in the NHL. The reason is hockey is the best and all other sports fail.

What sports teams that have astronomy words in it?

New Jersey Nets

What are the famous sports teams in New Jersey?

New Jersey Nets (NBA)New Jersey Devils (NHL)New Jersey MetroStars (MLS)

What are the sports teams of New Jersey?

New Jersey Devils - Current NHL Team New Jersey Nets - Current NBA Team

What are New Jerseys major sports teams?

The New Jersey Nets (basketball) - note- the Nets moved to Brooklyn in 2012.The New Jersey Devils- Hockey

Sports teams in new jersey?

yes all i kniw is the NewJersey Devils hockey team

What teams are in New Jersey?

the New Jersey Devils

How many professional sports teams are there in New Jersey?

Technically there are three Major league professional teams in New Jersey. Hockey has the New Jersey Devils (NHL). The New York Giants and New York Jets are named as they are, but both play in East Rutherford, New Jersey. There are minor league baseball teams that play in New Jersey that are considered professional (they get paid). Somerset has one. Trenton Thunder (Yankees AA).

What is the best website for free sports picks?

engagements new jersey

What are some of New Jerseys sport teams?

new jersey devils new jersey nets

When was Sports Hall of Fame of New Jersey created?

Sports Hall of Fame of New Jersey was created in 1988.

When was New Jersey Sports Writers Association created?

New Jersey Sports Writers Association was created in 1936.

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